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the ONE item a girl *must* have in her makeup bag??...



... EYEBROW PENCIL! Yep, that's it!

... EYEBROW PENCIL. It's the ONE item a girl *must* have in her makeup bag.

Even though a brow-less makeup look has been all the rage lately on the fashion runways... unless YOU are actually going to be on a runway, the browless look may not be the best look for you. 

I know someone is thinking... besides all that runway & fashion stuff, why isn't the "one" must-have-item something like... mascara or lipstick?

The reason is simple...

It's because: eyebrows frame the face.

As beautiful as your eyeshape, eyelashes, cheek bone structure or lip shape may be, none of these features bring instant presence and balance to your face... however, the eyebrows do!

TIP: experiment with different shades of eyebrow pencil or shadow. Try them in shades from dark-brown to light blonde to see what shade suits you the best. Brown tones offer a softer and more natural alternative to the standard black eyebrow pencil. 

 Also: be aware of whether or not the shade of brown you are experimenting with is a neutral brown tone or a warm brown tone, as this will directly impact whether or not that particular shade works well with your skintone. If you are hesitant to experiment on your own, you can always take a trip to your local makeup counter and ask the makeup artist to help you find your most complimentary brow pencil/shadow.  

So, the next time you run out of the house bare-faced, and then decide (after you've parked in the grocery store parking lot) that you should have done something to your face... remember to whip out the eyebrow pencil and give yourself a quickie!... (a quick eyebrow application, that is!) You'll quickly see why... this is the ONE item a girl *must* have in her makeup bag! 

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