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New *Fav*

Out of all my most recent purchases (see picture below) I do believe the MUFE/Make Up For Ever: Aqua Cream is my favorite.

There's lots to like about Aqua Cream...

The pigmentation is first rate (of course), the consistency has just the right balance of thickness - for good coverage & creaminess - for movability, and it may be used on either the eyes or the lips. Plus, it's it has this metallic quality to it (which gives it a slight sheen that doesn't overpower the richness of the red) aaaaaaaaand... it's Water Proof!... so, your eyes (or lips) will look just as fresh at the end of your night-on-the-town as they did at the beginning.

This red Aqua Cream (in shade #8) is a show stopper and definitely not for the faint of heart... If you top off this deliciously rich red pigment with lip gloss, your lips will definitely attract some very sexy attention!

But just in case you are of the more demure makeup persuasion, there are SEVERAL colors to choose from, so if you're into soft colors, this line still has something for you. (There's this really pretty pink color that I think I'll be picking up in the near future.)

I hope all the makeup maven's out there will decide to give Aqua Cream a try!...




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