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NEON is the new Bling!

This season, the fashion runways are lit with color!...

From clothes to accessories, bright is the new bling, and the bling palette of choice is... NEON. Effervescent yellows, peachs, mint greens and pinks can brighten up not only your wardrobe but your makeup choices as well!

Fiesty new lip glosses and electric new eyeshadow colors are available to help all you fashionistas stay on trend. Check out Bobbi Brown's Neons & Nudes collection for a lippy neon fix. Not-so-new but always true, are MAC's Pigments (one of those "must try" items) - which have tons of color and may be layered for an effect that goes from eye catching to obnoxious (depending on how you feel that day).

Even if neon isn't quite your style, there are lots of other vibrantly lovely lip glosses, eyeshadows and creams to help perk up your spring look. New from Maybelline is the Eye Tattoo, pigmented cream eye shadow line; and under her "True Romance" collection, Kat Von D has a colorful palette called: Mi Vida Loca, available at Sephora.

But in case an eye full of brightly pigmented eyeshadow isn't your thing, there are also some really fun colored eye-liners you can use. For the frugal fashionista, Wet-N-Wild has a line of liquid eyeliners that come in two very cool colors (turquois & plum) and are economically priced. 

So, maybe starting with a sassy little strip of color on your eyelid can be your gateway to a colorful makeup adventure.

One thing's for sure, whether you're NEON... or not,  you'll definitely have fun experimenting with CoLoR!!!... and that's what makeup is all about.


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