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Birthday Makeover

This is was her birthday and she was going out on the town, but she wanted to do something a bit more special. So, she decided to get her makeup done professionally and she gave me a call (through a previous client's referral).

Gernise does not wear makeup and was wary of having an overly "made-up" look.

After I asked a few preliminary questions regarding the current condition of her skin (sensitivities, allergies, medications, oily, dry, normal, etc) we discussed eyebrow shape, eyeshadow colors, "natural" makeup vs "glamour" makeup and we even discussed the exact shade of lipstick she'd like to wear. (details matter!)  And finally, I asked her to email a headshot and a picture of what she would be wearing on her birthday, including the shoes.

Ultimately, we settled on the "natural" look for her eyes and an attention getting red lip. Gernise was kind enough to send me a picture of herself while out celebrating her birthday (as seen above).

Such a lovely and confident look... Gernise's eyes have great definition without appearing over-done and her red lips add just the right touch of sass-appeal!

Gernise was very happy with her look!   


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