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Luscious Photo shoot Lips


The above image as taken at night, in my living room, with my 5.0mp Android phone camera.

Now, you may say to yourself... "ha ha, it looks like it too"!... however, details matter and if I can take a picture this good looking of my work, with a crappy phone cam (as opposed to it being photographed by a professional photog with a professional camera) then this is what I would consider very good work.

And WHY would I consider this such a good example???...

(TIP: It has NOTHING to do with the fact that this is my makeup work.)

The reason I think the above image is an example of really good work is beacuse of the effort in executing the look as closely as possible to a Revlon or L'Oreal lipstick magazine ad without having had the benefit of any retouching or editing whatsoever.

Paying particular attention to moisturizing and basing the lips, selecting the right lip color (one that is complimentary to the skintone) precision application and layering of the lip color as well as the lip gloss, making sure that the application is well proportioned /balanced and then standing back to take that final look at your work... (adjusting & amending where necessary) before deciding that your job is done... is what makes it an example of good work..

As a makeup artist, I take my craft very seriously... which means I put great effort into perfecting a makeup look as much as possible BEFORE my model gets on set with the photographer. Some may disagree, but even in the age of Photo Shop, I believe it is my job to assist the photographer by helping to create a look that will require as little as possible in the way of PS post-production.

Oprah says, "Live your best life" and I say... "Do your best work... always."

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