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Lip Service

Having had the fashion runways usher in the age of NEON - as the new trend for this spring, it turns my mind toward the correlating trend of Neon Makeup, and leaves me wondering... if I dared even to wear neon makeup (like a shade of neon purple eye shadow) what else in the world could I possibly add to such an attention getting look - that wouldn't totally "jump the shark"? Then, it came to me... Lip gloss!

I know, I know... this doesn't exactly sound like a major discovery, however, it is a brain storm of sorts. Think about it; the long standing rule of makeup has always been - to have a focal point - to take the safe route and concentrate on playing up only one aspect of the face (either eyes or lips, but not both). But... if you're wearing neon on your face in the first place... that says all by itself that you are not the one to play it safe; and without overdoing it, a sweet shade of lip gloss or lip stain could only accentuate the positive in your new makeup look.

So I say go ahead and experiment!

A perfectly pouty lip color may be just the thing to balance out that new neon shadow you're dying to wear and bring it into the trend setting realm of the fashion friendly.

Here are a few brands you may want to try:

Avon Mark Gorgeous gloss Lip Stain

Maybelline Super Stay

 Cover Girl Outlast


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