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Add some COLOR to your Makeup Look


The easiest way to color-ize your makeup look is to select a focal point. Choose what facial feature to accentuate... the choice is usually either the eyes or the lips.


Add a complimentary selection of eye shadow color to the eyelid, and lightly blend the color out toward the crease of the eye.


Add your choice of a complimentary lipstick or lip gloss to the inset of the upper & lower lip, and blend the color outwards toward the perimeter of the lips for a soft wash of color.

(if your lipstick is prone to "feathering" or "bleeding" you may want to use a lip liner in the same shade as the lip stick or lip gloss you plan to apply. This will keep your lip stick/gloss in place longer and also give it longer wearability)

It's not hard to toss a lip color or an eyeshadow into your makeup bag. Doing so can give you instant access to a fresh new look. You can take your look from daytime sassy to night-time sexy, simply by adding a little pop of color to either your eyes or lips.

Try this makeup tip the next time you need to take your look from "work" to "after work special"!!!

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