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Add some COLOR to your Makeup Look


The easiest way to color-ize your makeup look is to select a focal point. Choose what facial feature to accentuate... the choice is usually either the eyes or the lips.


Add a complimentary selection of eye shadow color to the eyelid, and lightly blend the color out toward the crease of the eye.


Add your choice of a complimentary lipstick or lip gloss to the inset of the upper & lower lip, and blend the color outwards toward the perimeter of the lips for a soft wash of color.

(if your lipstick is prone to "feathering" or "bleeding" you may want to use a lip liner in the same shade as the lip stick or lip gloss you plan to apply. This will keep your lip stick/gloss in place longer and also give it longer wearability)

It's not hard to toss a lip color or an eyeshadow into your makeup bag. Doing so can give you instant access to a fresh new look. You can take your look from daytime sassy to night-time sexy, simply by adding a little pop of color to either your eyes or lips.

Try this makeup tip the next time you need to take your look from "work" to "after work special"!!!

Luscious Photo shoot Lips


The above image as taken at night, in my living room, with my 5.0mp Android phone camera.

Now, you may say to yourself... "ha ha, it looks like it too"!... however, details matter and if I can take a picture this good looking of my work, with a crappy phone cam (as opposed to it being photographed by a professional photog with a professional camera) then this is what I would consider very good work.

And WHY would I consider this such a good example???...

(TIP: It has NOTHING to do with the fact that this is my makeup work.)

The reason I think the above image is an example of really good work is beacuse of the effort in executing the look as closely as possible to a Revlon or L'Oreal lipstick magazine ad without having had the benefit of any retouching or editing whatsoever.

Paying particular attention to moisturizing and basing the lips, selecting the right lip color (one that is complimentary to the skintone) precision application and layering of the lip color as well as the lip gloss, making sure that the application is well proportioned /balanced and then standing back to take that final look at your work... (adjusting & amending where necessary) before deciding that your job is done... is what makes it an example of good work..

As a makeup artist, I take my craft very seriously... which means I put great effort into perfecting a makeup look as much as possible BEFORE my model gets on set with the photographer. Some may disagree, but even in the age of Photo Shop, I believe it is my job to assist the photographer by helping to create a look that will require as little as possible in the way of PS post-production.

Oprah says, "Live your best life" and I say... "Do your best work... always."

the ONE item a girl *must* have in her makeup bag??...



... EYEBROW PENCIL! Yep, that's it!

... EYEBROW PENCIL. It's the ONE item a girl *must* have in her makeup bag.

Even though a brow-less makeup look has been all the rage lately on the fashion runways... unless YOU are actually going to be on a runway, the browless look may not be the best look for you. 

I know someone is thinking... besides all that runway & fashion stuff, why isn't the "one" must-have-item something like... mascara or lipstick?

The reason is simple...

It's because: eyebrows frame the face.

As beautiful as your eyeshape, eyelashes, cheek bone structure or lip shape may be, none of these features bring instant presence and balance to your face... however, the eyebrows do!

TIP: experiment with different shades of eyebrow pencil or shadow. Try them in shades from dark-brown to light blonde to see what shade suits you the best. Brown tones offer a softer and more natural alternative to the standard black eyebrow pencil. 

 Also: be aware of whether or not the shade of brown you are experimenting with is a neutral brown tone or a warm brown tone, as this will directly impact whether or not that particular shade works well with your skintone. If you are hesitant to experiment on your own, you can always take a trip to your local makeup counter and ask the makeup artist to help you find your most complimentary brow pencil/shadow.  

So, the next time you run out of the house bare-faced, and then decide (after you've parked in the grocery store parking lot) that you should have done something to your face... remember to whip out the eyebrow pencil and give yourself a quickie!... (a quick eyebrow application, that is!) You'll quickly see why... this is the ONE item a girl *must* have in her makeup bag! 


Quick!... where's my Face?! (...your makeup face, that is!)

If you still have a TON of makeup items in your bag, then you may have no clue as to how to apply your "Quick Face" in a makeup emergency. But have no fear, it's really very simple.

This is all you need:

  1. Brow Liner
  2. Eye Liner
  3. Mascara
  4. Eye shadow
  5. Lipstick, lip gloss or tinted lip balm
  6. Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer
  7. Makeup Brushes

Brow liner - to fill in gaps or create more shape

Eye liner - to accentuate the shape of the eye. For a fresh look, apply to the upper lid only.

Mascara - to accentuate lashes and open up the eye.

Eye shadow - to enhance the overall look of the eye using a flattering color choice.

Lipstick/gloss/balm - a finishing touch that completes your makeup look and adds an element of allure.

Foundation/Tinted moisturizer - to even out skin tone and conseal imperfections, if necessary.

Makeup Brushes - to expertly apply your makeup (mini brush kit: foundation, powder, brow, shadow & lip brush)

So there you are... six makeup items (& a brush kit) are all that's *necessary* for a "Quick Face"

Just because you don't have any plans to go somewhere or do something in particular doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared. You don't know what may come up while you're already out-and-about.... and you never know where the day may take you. Always be prepared... keep a "Quick Face" in your bag!


Always chek the date on your makeup to make sure that none of the items you are using are outdated as this can potentially be harmful to your skin. Most face and body items will usually have a two-year shelf life. The term "shelf-life" is an indicator for the time frame in which a product is best used by, prior to potential degrading of any active ingredients.Of course, there may be exceptions to this rule, so be sure to check the date on your makeup. Any outdated makeup items should be tossed in the trash.

Lip Service

Having had the fashion runways usher in the age of NEON - as the new trend for this spring, it turns my mind toward the correlating trend of Neon Makeup, and leaves me wondering... if I dared even to wear neon makeup (like a shade of neon purple eye shadow) what else in the world could I possibly add to such an attention getting look - that wouldn't totally "jump the shark"? Then, it came to me... Lip gloss!

I know, I know... this doesn't exactly sound like a major discovery, however, it is a brain storm of sorts. Think about it; the long standing rule of makeup has always been - to have a focal point - to take the safe route and concentrate on playing up only one aspect of the face (either eyes or lips, but not both). But... if you're wearing neon on your face in the first place... that says all by itself that you are not the one to play it safe; and without overdoing it, a sweet shade of lip gloss or lip stain could only accentuate the positive in your new makeup look.

So I say go ahead and experiment!

A perfectly pouty lip color may be just the thing to balance out that new neon shadow you're dying to wear and bring it into the trend setting realm of the fashion friendly.

Here are a few brands you may want to try:

Avon Mark Gorgeous gloss Lip Stain

Maybelline Super Stay

 Cover Girl Outlast


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